Credits Catalog

This is a complied list of my past work - whether it be writing, producing, or studio performance. If you are looking to collaborate in any part of your creative process - creation, arranging, instrumentation, or tracking, click here!


Gracie Schram - "Dear Fall..." (2016)

Co-writer - "Walls"

pacific union.JPG

MVRK - "space odyssey - ep" (instrumental) [2016]

Co-writer/Co-producer/Electrics - "Eclipse"

Co-writer/Co-producer/Electrics - "Voyage"

Co-writer/Co-producer/Electrics - "Expedition"

Co-writer/Co-producer/Electrics - "Lunar"


Vessel Worship - "Bloom - Ep" (2016)

Co-writer"Pour Out"

Co-writer"Run to You Savior"

Co-writer"We Are Your People"

Co-writer - "You Are For Me"

Co-writer"You Are Here"

Co-writer"Your Love"


Vessel Worship - "Vibe EP no. 1" (2013)

Co-writer/Co-producer/Electrics/BGVs - "Come Like You Promised"

Co-writer/Co-producer/Electrics/BGVs - "Be In My Everything"

Co-writer/Co-producer/Banjo/BGVs - "Awake My Soul"

Co-producer/Electrics/BGVs "Let Your Reign Fall Down"

Co-producer/Electrics - "Hold Me"

Co-producer/Electrics/BGVs "You're Making Me New"